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Mr. RonghuaHeng(aka Roy), founder of Yichita brand, graduated from one of the famous "Four Engineering Colleges" in China, Dalian University of Technology, Department of Chemical Machinery. At the beginning of 2000, he joined the Personal Safety Department of 3M China Co., Ltd. as a senior engineer in production technology research and development. During his ten years of work, he has been committed to the development and innovation of production technology of respiratory protection products. Basic work, with rich industry experience. Since joining YQ in 2016 and creating his own core team, he has been the CEO of four companies and has more than ten national patents .


“People become great because they have dreams, People become extraordinary because they act!”  In his many years of career, Roy has steadfastly focused on his dreams, that is to produce excellent PPE masks for people in China, and for people in the world.  In 2018, professional focused PPE mask brand Yichita brand was born.  Royhas insisted on his dream of providing the professional grade high performance Yichita brand of products at a very affordable price so that the high level of protection can be delivered to every individual and every family.

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